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Adding Shimmer & Glow for a Festive Look
Dec 10, 2014

During the festive season, everything literally lights up. We find ourselves surrounding by vibrant lights, sparkling ornaments and dazzling decorations. So why not spruce up your own look with some shimmery holiday makeup?

Sometimes shimmer can be a little intimidating. But there’s really no need to fear it! It can be applied to just about any look, and it’s easier than you think. Today I’m going to share with you my three favourite places to add a little glitz to your glam.

Twinkling Eyes

Adding shimmers of any color over your eye shadow really makes ‘em pop! The key here is to add shimmer in light layers, so you can control how much product you apply. Plus, a little goes a long way. You want your eyes to sparkle, but you don’t want so much glitter that it smudges or takes away from the rest of the look.

Makeup Tip: Illuminator sticks work well on the brow bone to really open up the eye and gives the brows a bit of a lift.

Lustrous Lips

This is a perfect place to generously add some shimmer! Applying a top coat of shimmery lip gloss will give your lips a wet look, and really makes them look full and beautiful.

Makeup Tip: A light color illuminator also great for use around the mouth at the bow of the lip to add a little more of a pucker!

Glowing Cheeks

Cheeks are often overlooked when it comes to adding some extra glitz to your makeup. And yet, adding some illumitation to your cheeks can give you gorgeous youthful glow. Try applying a little shimmer illumination on the top of your cheek bones and out toward your temples to achieve that radiant holiday glow.

Makeup Tip: Cream illuminators are perfect for cheek bones, shoulders and legs.

Hey wait … I said three favourites, but you don’t have to stop there! Go ahead, be bold. Try powders, too, which can be applied almost anywhere. You can even mix them with lotion for an all-over glow that’ll last all day and night. It’s your look—so make it as unique as you are. Use any type of shimmering makeup products to help your current makeup look just a little more festive.

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Happy Holidays!